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The Least Known Damage Caused by Broken Pipes

A broken pipe or even a minor leakage may seem like something you shouldn’t have to worry about. But like any plumber will tell you, they often stand out as red flags that something somewhere is amiss. Before long, you may have to deal with a bigger problem than you expected.

That can mean spending way too much money which you probably won’t have. It may also mean dealing with a health problem that arose because of contaminated water. Fortunately, you can always prevent all these problems. But before then, it is important to know some of the most common yet serious consequences that broken or leaking pipes can cause.

Property depreciates

This is a no brainer. History of water damage however minor can drive down your home’s resale value. The reason is simple. Most buyers tend to think that even after one has fixed a leaking pipe problem, all the aforementioned consequences usually linger. This ultimately means that you won’t have a strong bargaining position with a potential buyer. So to stay safe, fix that broken or leaking pipe as soon as you can.


It is hard and to some extent impossible to think or even talk of water damage without mentioning mold. The two issues simply go hand in hand. It is, however, sad that most homeowners do not know the health effects associated with mold and mildew.

Pulmonary edema which is life-threatening at any stage is one of the most common diseases associated with mold. Then there are other breathing complications some of which are life threatening to people who suffer from allergies or people who are asthmatic.

Children and expectant women are also at risk of suffering more in a mold or mildew infested home. With all these in mind, fix any leaking pipe especially in the basement. Both mold and mildew need just a small amount of moisture to spread so a leaking pipe presents a good breeding ground.

Structural damage

The immediate and somewhat obvious effects of water damage as a result of a broken of leaking pipe are mostly aesthetic. They include discoloration, streaks on the wall and staining. As soon as a dry wall starts absorbing water from a leaking pipe, you will notice some serious warping. The wall may then swell as paint peels off. It gets worse if the wall is wooden as this may make it weak. In the end, you may have to live with an ugly wall or worse still, a weak one.


The last thing you would want to experience is the stuffy odor associated with leaking pipes. The odor can embarrass you. It may also make your home unlivable. The best you can do is to take into account some preventive measures which have everything to do with fixing the leaking problems on time. Keep in mind that fixing any leaking or even broken pipe is more affordable than dealing with the ultimate problem which may involve mold detection and remediation. You will also have to hire water damage experts at some point. These are expenses you can avoid only if you fix your pipe problems as soon as you notice them.

Remember you do not have to worry about all the aforementioned setbacks with a good home insurance cover. The cover will simply take care of all the expenses needed to restore your home. Give us a call for more information.