Atlantic Property AdjustersWhat It Takes to File a Homeowner’s Property Damage Insurance Claim

There is a wide misconception amongst most homeowners that insurance companies always want to steal from them. That is one of the main reasons why terms such as ‘rip offs’ or ‘fraudsters’ and other worse terms are often used to describe insurance firms. The truth however, is quite the opposite. Insurance firms always have the best interest of their clients at heart. Once one follows the right channels to file a claim, everything becomes easy. You only need to keep the following in mind before, during and after filing a property damage claim.

Report property damage

All home insurance policy contracts have one thing in common. They require the insured party to report property damage incidents promptly. The contracts usually give a time frame within which it is appropriate to report an incident. Failure to report within the timeframe can easily mean your claim won’t go through.

Note that even if you have to evacuate, you must still let your insurance company know that the risk against which you insured your house has attached. Then remember to read your contract and understand it. Contracts are very specific on how you can or how you should let the company know that you have suffered loss. It could be either through the phone or email. Your contract should specify this.

Hire professionals to help you file claims

Most homeowners do not know this but it is your right to hire your own set of insurance professionals to help you file a claim. So if you know a competent public adjuster, hire him or her. You can rely on a company’s adjuster. Keep in mind though that some adjusters will first look into the company’s best interest first before coming to yours. Keep in mind too that the claim filing process is long and complex. If you do not know what to do or even where to begin, you could be in trouble.

Remember the basics

The rules here are simple. Do not at any point repair or attempt to repair anything until you have the approval of your insurance company. You must agree with your insurance company on all the necessary repairs and how much the repairs will cost. Note too that any agreement you enter into with your insurance company should be in writing. It should be well documented by both parties.

Another rule worth noting here is to avoid throwing anything. Keep all the receipts with you. Keep all the damaged valuables as well. You will at some point need them to prove your lose. Be sure to take photographs and even videos of your home and anything you need to bring to the attention of your insurance company.

Be nice

This is simple. Be courteous and respectful to any personnel from your insurance company. Follow this rule throughout the damage claim process and you can be sure of a smooth journey with your insurance company. Avoid by all means, having a preconceived notion that your insurance company only wants to frustrate you.

Filing a damage claim does not have to be hard. We are there to help. Give us a call.