Atlantic Property AdjustersMeasures to Take When Faced With Vandalism

Vandalism is an action taken by someone to intentionally destroy property belonging to other people by causing severe damage. It’s usually a malicious destruction which can leave your life in disorder. The process of putting your life together can be a traumatic and emotional one.

It could be a destruction of a building, a car or any other valuable property resulting in a costly repair or replacement. Whichever the case, the process of filing a claim can be exhausting and yet, the right procedure has to be followed to validate the claim.

What to do when vandalism occurs

Report to the police

It’s important to know that vandalism is a criminal offense and therefore you need to file a report with the police immediately. Notify the police the moment you realize someone has caused damage to your property. Be careful not to interfere with the scene and the evidence as the police will need to do a report.

Note: It’s important to file a report because your insurance company will need the police report before they start the processing your claim.

Be vigilant

If you happen to be present during vandalism, take in as many details of the events as possible. Observe to note the number of people involved and their gender. Get details of what they used to cause the damage and most importantly note the time the vandalism occurred. These details will be essential to the police when they are doing a report.

Notify your insurance agent

After filing the police report, it’s crucial to inform your insurance agent about the vandalism done to your property.

You may be required to give the agent the following details;

  • Your full name
  • Policy number
  • Time and date when vandalism occurred

The insurance agent may need more information than the above, be accurate as much as possible.


Take pictures of the items vandalized. For example, if someone slashed the tires of your car or broke the windows of your house, take pictures showing the severity of the damage and any other destruction that might be arising in the process.

All the documentation you can get helps in proving the ownership of your property and damage done.

In case you have previous pictures of your property before the damage, present them to your insurance company for comparison purpose. The more pictures or videos you have, the better.

As the police collect their evidence and make a report, make sure you are updated about their findings and get a copy of their report as part your documentation.

Temporary repair

Minor repairs can be done to prevent further damage. However, caution should be taken not to tamper with the evidence before the insurance company makes a full inspection. All damaged items should be left intact until the insurance claim takes effect.

When vandalism happens to your property, the effects can be emotionally draining. The process of claiming for your property with your insurance company may not be easy.

A claim adjuster should walk you down the journey of recovery and rebuild your life by assisting you with the necessary information and following up with your insurance company to lessen the burden of your loss.