Atlantic Property AdjustersEffective Ways for Dealing with the Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricanes are inevitable they are caused by natural disasters. The hurricane seasons is usually from June to November, it reaches the pick from mid-August and lasts to late October. Once storms occur, you need to pick up your pieces and move on. Here are essential tips to help you deal with the hurricane aftermaths:

Keep listening to the Weather Radio for news and latest updates. Be alert for any subsequent flooding and any extended rains after the tropical storm and hurricane have ended.

In the event you’re evacuated, go home only after the officials deem it safe. Only drive if it is necessary and avoid roads with washed out bridges and flooded roads. Keep off any building surrounded by water.

Carry out a thorough inspection of your home for damages. Take photographs of any damage, for the building and the contents for insurance reasons.

Do not use candles; instead use flashlights in the dark.Use the phone only for emergencies.

Do not drink or preparing food with tap water till you are sure it is not contaminated. Check refrigerators and freezers for any spoiled foods, if you doubt freshness, dispose them off.

Wear protective gear and be cautious during cleaning to avoid injuries. Monitor your pets and animals carefully, and keep them under your control.


Hurricanes are dangerous and destroy properties. Homeowners will be forced to rebuild afresh or renovate their homes. Below are a few essential tips you can consider as you rebuild:

Reinforce the garage doors more to increase resistance against the wind, especially the double-wide garage doors.

Secure your windows with high and permanent storm shutters, or reinforce them with marine plywood which is pre-cut to fit your windows and doors.

Clear clogged gutters and any standing water to prevent flooding, wildlife, and pests from infesting your home. Standing water breeds mosquitoes. Wet places also attract molds.

Remove any fallen trees around the yard and use them to reinforce your garage and the damaged fence. It will save you money instead of buying building materials.

Create space to keep lawn furniture, gardening tools, trash cans, and toys along the paths, move them to a safer place to avoid them being blown by high winds, because they can become missiles and cause injuries.

Use Professionals

You can seek the help of professionals to fix electricity cables and sockets before you start using them to avoid power surges which can cause accidents. The professional will advise you on what electrical equipment can replace and what can be done to recondition.

Seek professional help too to help you get rid of wildlife and pests that may invade your home.

If your home is along the coastline, elevate it to avoid flooding.

Hurricanes can be quite disastrous. They destroy property worth millions of dollars. To counter this, as a homeowner you may need professional services from a claim adjuster. They will cover your property and give you professional help regarding the best policy coverage for your property. Claim adjusters come in handy when to help during such difficult times