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Income Loss

Loss of Business Income Claims

Atlantic Property Adjusters is here to help you with any business interruption claims. Loss of business income can happen due to natural disasters, flooding, fire, business location repairs, or any other situation where your business is temporarily not operating.


Loss of business income insurance is key to making sure any financial losses are covered. However, often the policyholder and the insurance company do not agree on the length of time that the interruption covers. Atlantic Property Adjusters can help you get the right coverage you deserve under your policy. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced adjusters.

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance

Most insurance policies state that the business interruption period ends when the damage to your property is repaired and you are able to return to normal operations once again. In actuality, it takes some time for a business to recuperate lost time and income following a closure.


This is why most policies also have an “extended period of liability” so you have a longer amount of time to return things to normal. This length of time can vary, but the standard is generally one year or less.


Loss of income is a serious issue that seems to happen when you least expect it. If you need assistance with this area of insurance claims, don’t hesitate to contact Atlantic Property Adjusters for a FREE claim analysis.

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