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Yes. I have 15 years of experience as a public adjuster in Aventura, FL.

Yes, give us a call. When you need a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL, we’re the team to call.

Typically, we can be there in 24 to 48 hours. In case of an emergency, we will try to get to you the same day. Call us for a quality public adjuster based in Aventura, FL and serving all of Florida.

Your policy is needed. We can also reassess the policy during our meeting to make sure that it is working best for you and that you are getting the discounts you deserve. Call us today for a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL.

An insurance agent is there to sell you a policy. They are supposed to find you the best policy for your budget. My job is to get your claim processed, get you paid, and make sure you’re paid the right amount. Should you need a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL, give us a call today.

The biggest complaint we hear from people who need a public adjuster is that they can’t get ahold of them. I will answer my phone when you call or if I can’t, I will call you back within the hour. I’ll also hold your hand through the whole process, from the insurance claim to dealing with your mortgage company. I try to help you through the whole process because it can be confusing. I’m methodical in my approach and work diligently to assist you. Call us today for a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL.

Insurance companies often deny claims, but I have a low denial rate because I make sure things are done properly. Should you need a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL, give us a call today.

We try to help speed up the process so that it doesn’t drag out endlessly. If you file a claim, you have 90 days before a company has to determine coverage. Then, it could be another 60 days before they have to payout. We will get involved to move that process along. Call us today for a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL.

Everything is on a contingency basis, including the inspection. We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid. Call us today for a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL.

A lot of people have a problem with their home but aren’t sure if it’s worth filing because of their deductible. If you’re not sure, call us when the damage originates before you try fixing it yourself or take some other path.

Before you call your insurance agent to talk about roof leaks, damage from a storm, or any other problem with your property, call us first. Over the years, I’ve developed relationships with insurance agencies and other adjusters that can play a part in helping you. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in 20 insured homes file a claim each year. Should you need a quality public adjuster in Aventura, FL, give us a call today.

An insurance claims adjuster responsible for negotiating and appraising an insurance claim and advocating for the policyholder is known as a public adjuster.

A public adjuster is well versed in the working of the claims process, inside and out.

Public adjusters are specialized in negotiation and also seek the services of engineers, accountants, appraisers, and all types of other experts as required. A public adjuster will diligently study all pieces of evidence and document everything, so you can receive the most out of your claim for settlement.

Yes. We have served many clients whose claims were denied. We just reopen the loss, carry out a negotiation with your insurance company and ask them to pay for applicable damages.

There are high chances of receiving a higher settlement from the insurance company when you hire a public adjuster. This happens because a public adjuster will present your claim more favorably and will more attentively study your policy coverage. Usually, the amount of settlement tends to be higher when the claim is more detailed and complete. We document the damage accurately by carefully going through all the evidence and diligently inspecting the site of loss.

Studies suggest that most of the claims raised by the insured without a public adjuster’s assistance tend to be incomplete.

No. If an insurance company discriminates against you for hiring a public adjuster, it will be a violation of the existing laws of the State of Florida.

Normally, you can still hire a public adjuster in this situation. You are permitted by Florida law to file a supplemental claim a few years from the date of loss. If you believe that you have not received the correct amount and want us to review your claim, please get in touch. Rest assured that we will provide you with a professional opinion after diligently analyzing and auditing your claim.

The Florida Department of Financial Services provides a license and certifies an insurance adjuster expert to work as a public adjuster so that he/she can exclusively focus on the policyholder’s benefit.

Individuals, all types of professionals, and businesses such as banks, attorneys, business owners, accountants, and even insurance adjusters and agents hire public adjusters. Once you have experienced the advantages of our services, you will rarely try to settle a claim without assistance from us.

The standard fee charged by a public adjuster is usually a small portion of the amount you recover from the insurance company. The Florida Department of Financial Services regulates these charges.

Look for a public adjuster with significant years of experience, knowledge about estimates, and friendly office staff.

Keep the denial letter and get in touch with Atlantic Property Adjusters. Your claim will be reviewed by our experienced professionals to determine the reason for the denial. After this, we will have a discussion with your insurance carrier. We have a very high success rate at turning around denials.

We provide you with FREE inspections, a FREE claim analysis, and do not charge you an upfront fee.

Absolutely not! Unlike a lot of adjusters, we write each estimate based on the accurate specifications of your house and the items present in it. We specialize in estimates that provide you a guarantee to fetch your area’s latest market prices.

No, you need not fix anything. It is only required that you prevent the damage from further worsening.

For Example: If there is a pipe leakage, you need to prevent it from flooding; the insurance company will document everything else with pictures and provide you with an estimate.

If your policy contains a “Loss of Use” part, you will be allowed a certain amount of money to pay for the rent of a comparative residence while the company attends to your claim.

You can get everything dry cleaned professionally and claim a stipend for it. In the case of furniture, if it is not possible to get rid of the smell 100%, you will be paid to replace the furniture.

This is one of the reasons public adjusters were certified by the State of Florida. We have the expertise to approach your insurance company and ensure that they cooperate.

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