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Get Help with Your Fire Damage From Experts Based in Aventura, FL, and Serving All of Florida

Fire damage can be absolutely devastating. A fire can start because of extreme heat, lighting strikes, an unattended stove, an electrical malfunction, or any other number of reasons. Sometimes, the damage is relatively minor—but other times, it can be incredibly severe, costing thousands of dollars of damage. In these cases, you have to file a home fire insurance claim. Better understand your fire insurance coverage and get help with your claim by reaching out to us. We can help residential and commercial clients in Aventura, FL, and all of Florida.

Know What to Do if Your Property Sustains Fire Damage

Generally speaking, insurance companies will sort fire damage into one of two categories. The first is primary fire damage—that is, damage that’s caused directly by the flames. The second is secondary fire damage, which is damage caused by smoke or other corrosive substances related to the fire.


If you’ve recently been through a fire, then you’ll want to get information to file your fire damage insurance claim—but you’ll also want to stay safe while you do so. Don’t enter the building until it’s confirmed that it’s safe to do so. Take pictures of what damage you can, and try to stay in one place as much as possible to avoid causing further damage. Wash your hands before and after you touch anything, open the windows for ventilation, and change your HVAC filter. Don’t turn on any electrical appliances—and avoid trying to clean things by yourself. In addition, don’t eat any food that was exposed to the fire.

Let Our Adjusters Help

Our goal is to provide you with assistance with your fire damage insurance claim. If you’re s in Aventura, FL, or anywhere in Florida, then consider reaching out to us. We can provide you with a free claim analysis. Emergency services are available, and we offer assistance in both English and Spanish.

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