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Helping with Flood Damage Claims in Aventura, FL, and All of Florida

Flooding is a common issue for Florida property owners. If you need to file a flood damage insurance claim, then consider reaching out to our experts based in Aventura, FL, and serving all of Florida. At Atlantic Property Adjusters, we can provide you with a free claim analysis and assist with your needs.

Learn More About Flood Damage Claims

It’s important to know when you can file a flooding damage insurance claim and when you can’t. Your insurance company will pay for flood damage that is caused by rising water from something such as a creek or pond; it won’t pay for damage caused by a broken pipe or a leak. You need to make sure that you’re filing the right sort of claim to get the help you need.


If you do have flood damage, then there are several steps you’ll want to take to file your claim. You’ll want to wait to return to your property until the authorities confirm it’s safe—and even then, you’ll want to let the building air out for at least 30 minutes before entering. Turn off the electricity and don’t touch or use any electrical equipment. In addition, you’ll want to check for any animals that may have gotten into your home through the floodwaters—and avoid contact with the floodwater as much as possible.


Once you can return to your property, you’ll want to take pictures of all of the damage. You’ll also want to check the foundation for damage.

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We’re ready to help with your flood damage claim. Reach out to our property adjusters based in Aventura, FL, and seerving all of Florida to learn more. We can provide services in both English and Spanish.

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